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Why Choose loltoken?

Academic Honesty


Education Marketlace

250000+ Videos

Tutors/ Content Providers

White label Platform

Corporate Memberships

4000 + Institutions

Primary Education Currency

Millions of learners


Talent Solutions PTS

Foundational Three Pillars

Providing extensive smart contract audits, penetration tests and a situational awareness platform to predict vulnerabilities and threats before they occur.


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Loltoken is a promise to our users to be able to use their token holdings for use on any form of service on the platform with any institution, course, classrooms or workshops and trade freely on exchanges and use it as a first choice of currency to earn your revenues on the Platform. All trading volume will be real and unaltered.

LOLTOKEN acceptances with large number of institutions for providing degrees, courses, content, videos, games, certificates etc on its platform works on a rewards based protocols which empowers users monetarily on every single transaction on the platform.



The Platform is a unique Gamified Learning and Tutoring Platform for the masses. It offers a complete package for any learner to learn a skill based course to a degree course from the choice of their University or a college. The Platform offers extraordinary training facilites for tutors, support to the institutions while using the white label pages and allows the learners to earn income and use it to learn and grow. This is all possible with LOLTOKEN.

Blockchain features / proof of records like certifications, videos watched, courses completed, visits on a particular course by a particular individual, signatures, identity, data storage etc on blocks/hashes which are recorded and are immutable in the ledger. Payment gateway with main coins in ETH, BTC, USD, paypal , credit/debit cards , providing users with wide range of choices to access the platform. Priority given with discounts to LOLTOKEN users for accessing the system to learn and earn at the same time with real time conversion to PEDACOINS (Stable coin backed by USDT in order to avoid loltoken volatility for risk averse users/tutors) along with fiat.


A white-label product is a product or service produced by one company (the producer) that other companies (the marketers) rebrand to make it appear as if they had made it.

Whitelabel solution integrated with loltoken in the payment gateway can be used and set up in 5 minutes by any course provider institution like a college or a university and this allows them to use this platform to their own requirements and can access the learners network


Leading organizations now choose learning platforms for Business as their destination for employee learning. University will provide unlimited access to the top 5,000+ courses selected from the platform – anytime, on any device Fresh content taught by 1,500+ experts and real-world practitioners – for any learning style actionable learning insights and admin functionality


Using our audience engagement platform, organisations can attract and retain the attention of their customers and employees by creating fun, interactive exchanges of value, increasing loyalty and encouraging specific behaviours, including the willing provision of ‘earned’ data Gamification is a key motivational factor in learning for a learner. The Platform provides tools and avatars to learners to choose and recommend according to their likings, daily quests & quizzes with rewards which gamifies the learning and develops motivation to come back to the platform and learn and explore more. The Platform focuses on earning XP thus converting them to LOLTOKEN and use them to learn anything on the platform

Primary Currency

  • Rewards for Tokenholders
  • Earn LOL for your Content
  • Limited Supply
  • Swap or Trade
  • Redeemable Gaming XP
  • Acceptance by Institutions
  • Loltoken Scholarships
  • Hardware wallet support

LOLTOKEN Economics and its utilities

LOL Token Economics

Token Generation Event Structure & Metrics

Token ticker: LOL

LOL supply: 1000,000,000

Token Distribution

Use Of Proceeds

Circulating - 443,338,166 LOL

  • Company token reserve: 25% - (TREASURY): 256,661,834.23 lol(Locked, with a vesting period of 60 months, with 5% released every 12 months.)
  • Team + Advisory allocation: 20% - 200,000,000 LOL (Locked, with a vesting period of 36 months, with 10% released every 12 months):
  • Bounty, Airdrop and community incentivisation rewards: 5% - 50,000,000 LOL
  • Marketing: 5% - 50,200,000 LOL (Locked, with a vesting period of 24 months, with 11.33% released every 4 months)

Funding - 67,200,000 LOL(28%)

  • Pre-sale 20% :48,000,000 LOL
  • Public sale 8% :19,200,000 LOL

LOLTOKEN Token Utility and its Benefits

The Ed- tech platform will house its own utility token, which can be used to unlock many features, thus extending a myriad of benefits to users on the platform.


  • LOL can be used to pay for course fees on the Ed-Tech platforms
  • LOL can be used to play games on the platform.
  • 20% Discounts will be given to learners that utilize LOL to pay for fees.
  • Tutors/Content providers earn more by accepting LOL for their commisions/pay
  • Exclusive airdrops, rewards, and bounties for LOL holders.
  • Exclusive trading competitions with amazing rewards for LOL holders.


  • Digital Personality Profiling (DPP): LOL will be used to pay the commission/fee for using the system which is connected through AI (Artificial Intelligence) integrated systems.
  • Talent Solutions (PTS): LOL will be used to pay subscription fees for all kinds of services offered by PTS on the platform.
  • Battlegrounds & Gamification: Exclusive, high rewarding tournaments for learners which will earn them XP (Experience Points) which are redeemable to LOL for platform users.
  • Early access to Platform's advanced features for LOL holders.

Repurchasing Plan for LOL:

Every quarter, at least 10% of profits will be used to buy back LOL. All buy-back transactions will be announced to the community prior to occurrence. Users will be able to review the buy-back via blockchain explorer.


Everclever Ltd Incorporated
Wells Chain of schools founded Wells.ac.th
School branches Expansion
Acquisition of Bangkok School of Management bsm.ac.th
Acquisition of European International University Eiu.ac
Q3 2018
R&D & Current Structure Analysis
Q3 2018
Ed-Tech Product Conceptualization
Q4 2018
Financial Assessment
Q4 2018
Founded Gamified Tutoring & Learning Platform
Q1 2019
Development Commenced
Q1 2019
White Paper Release
Q2 2019
Prototype Released
Q3 2019
System Architecture Dev
Q4 2019
Private Sale
Q1 2021
Blockchain Finger print Personality System
Q2 2021
Advanced Gamification
Q4 2021
Android & IOS mobile applications
Q1 2020
Alpha Completion – Phase 1
Q1 2020
Platform Testing & Debugging
Q1 2020
Incorporation Paris
Q2 2020
400 Institutions Onboarded
Q4 2020
Public Sale
Q3 2020
White Label – Phase 2 Development
Q3 2020
White Label – Phase 2 Development

Core Team

Dr Yao-Lang Chang


Doctor of Education, UBIS Switzerland, Ph.D University of Hertfordshire London

Dr Chang is the Chairman of Everclever group of companies, a renowned personality, a public figure, a speaker and a board member of large Government bodies. He leads a staff of 200 plus teachers/tutors in 21 schools, colleges and a university. He is also a permanent member of World Chamber of commerce. Through his aims to provide the most quality education
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Prof. Dr. Edward Roy Krishnan

CEO & Cofounder

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Psychology/ Education & Master in Education, Andrews University Michigan USA

Dr Roy is the DIRECTEUR GÉNÉRAL of the European International University Paris and Managing Director of Bangkok School of Management. He is a renowned author, writer and a public speaker and a visiting faculty to various educational Institutions. Dr Roy is an advisor and board mamber of a large number of companies and also chairs the board as a consulting director of academics. He has had the mission to bring education to the masses and has travelled the world connecting institutions to one great platform - Through its unique tokenisation of education by setting standards and bringing quality in education and removing mass commercialisation of education. He is also a founder of IKON EPC and is a strong believer of psycho-education and its power to transform people. Having studied psychology and counselling, he passionately advocates for the unleashing of one’s true potential through self-knowledge, mindful-realization, habits-reorientation, and altered behaviour patterns. Dr Roy bagged the highest innovation award in Sep 2019 for his involvment in education through his project LOLTOKEN.
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Dr. Oliver Massman


Master of Law, Certified Financial Accountant & Auditor Ruhruniversitaet Bochum Germany, St.Thomas University Florida USA

Dr. Oliver Massman is an International Attorney at Law and a Certified Financial Accountant and Auditor with a Ph.D. in International Business Law from the European Global School in Paris. He has an experience of more than 20 years as Commercial Lawyer, served as the Board Member of German Business Association (GBA), Adjunct Professor at the Foreign Trade University of Vietnam and the only foreign lawyer as Member to the Supervisory Board of PetroVietnam Insurance Corporation. His expertise lies in commercial and legal framework of the World Trade Organisation (WTO), Compliance Training according to SEC Rules, Advising on turnkey renewable energy projects, International Taxation, International legal and commercial expertise, Investment funds, commercial negotiation, legal advice. Dr. Oliver is an awarded LEADING LAWYER, .
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Tina Yang


International Business RMIT University Melbourne, Executive Leadership University of Northumbria UK

Ms Tina Yang leads the business relations with global channel partners at Bangkok School of Management and EIU Paris as COO. She has demonstrated an important role in the development of partnerships with 400 + Universities for the joint venture among all with a mutual platform utilising the Ed-Tech currency Loltoken's adaptation. She will be heading the International Sales team for virtual classrooms along with the memberships liasing for Whitelabel solutions with universities and institutions worldwide. ..
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Joel Farnworth

Business Architect

Chartered Fellow CIPD, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, London

Mr. Joel Farnworth has 24 years of international experience (working in 34 countries with 50+ nationalities) allied to a range of local, regional and global roles from bases in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Mumbai, Dubai and London give him a unique perspective on how implementation of a proactive people agenda aids business success. He is a Chartered Fellow CIPD with exceptional skills in Creating & Implementing Corporate Strategy, Strategic HR Management, Impactive Leadership, Consulting and Coaching and Advising Senior Management. Currently, he provides a range of Strategy, Leadership and Advanced HR Services in the Asia Pacific, Middle East and North Africa regions. These take the form of specific advisor or coaching roles to senior managers, developer of individual and/or team HR capabilities and design and delivery of “open” workshops providing a wide range of skills/confidence development programmes by demand. Introduced on more than one occasion as “the best implementer in the business” Mr. Joel combines his natural practical, bottom line emphasis with latest research and personally experienced best practice to provide a truly impactive services..
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Doctor of Education, East Carolina University USA

Kristin Halligan is currently the principal of the early years and primary school at Wells International. She has been an international educator for 20 years in the capacity of an early years and primary teacher, primary coordinator and in school leadership. She serves on WASC accreditation committees, is an IB educator, and a doctoral candidate in educational leadership at ECU.The focus of her current research is changing school culture by building collaborative communities of practice using inquiry-based approaches. She is interested in parent, teacher, and student agency to create equitable schools where everyone has a voice. She believes in community participation to build strong connections in and out of schools.
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Maurice Dimmock


Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Physics University of Northumbria UK

Mr Maurice Dimmock is a Chairman, ASIC Group of Companies, at ASIC, ASIC Global, ASIQUAL and QISAN London. ASIC - Accreditation Service for International Colleges ASIC is an independent body providing an accreditation service for schools, colleges and Universities worldwide. ASIC is also licensed by the UK Border Agency to accredit Institutions providing ESOL and Citizenship courses. ASIC is a worldwide accrediting Body, and is expanding on a large scale. We have seen an increase in international Institutions seeking a British accreditation. Accreditation by a UK Body will raise the profile of Institutions worldwide and is a confirmation that your institution conforms to internationally accepted standards in education. ASIC accreditation gives reassurance to potential students, their parents and education representatives that the operation of their chosen college conforms with relevant international QA standards and regulations and offers genuine courses, which are delivered to appropriate standards with acceptable quality, and which lead to recognised qualifications. QISAN – Quality International Study Abroad Network QISAN, has been formed to help International students receive high quality ethical and professional counselling by educational agents to study at high quality educational institutions worldwide. QISAN membership is open to both educational agents and educational Institutions recruiting international students. By joining QISAN, Educational institutions can be confident that they will be represented in a professional, ethical manner and that they will not tarnish the image of the institution. All education agents are accredited through references, questionnaire and student feedback. Performance of agents are regularly monitored. QISAN Agents will be recognised by their peers, students and educational institutions worldwide as a professional and Ethical Agent/Agency. asic.org.uk
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Robert Brand


Business Management University of Sheffield UK

Mr. Robert Brand is a key trainer and is an experienced course designer with his exceptional educational materials, developing courses, and delivering training for more than 19 years in SE Asia and Canada. He speaks several languages, including Thai, Dutch and English fluently and has taught leadership, team development and business communication skills at institutions in Canada, Thailand, UK including the Career Development Institute, Bangkok University and Dorset College, He has held senior leadership positions with international corporations including Siemens, Mitsubishi and Hewlett Packard before innovating in the education industry. He is a certified Project Management Professional and will advise for its growth as an Executive advisor.
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Robert Park


Business Management IPE Paris, University of Plymouth UK

Mr. Robert is a dedicated Business Lecturer and highly motivated Corporate Management Trainer. After graduating with an Honours Degree in Science from the United Kingdom, he spent his early career in the UK Insurance Industry primarily in operations where he specialized in cost containment, triage, negotiation and resolution. He developed his management and training skills whilst working for some of the largest multinational insurers before taking his career to South-East Asia and obtaining his Masters Degree in General Management. His background has equipped him with a specific skill set that enables him to deliver quality management training and coaching for global clients. Mr. Park specializes in operations management, human resource management, customer services, settlement negotiation, complaint resolution, strategic change and public speaking. He has a strong ability to analyze and identify organizational inefficiencies in these areas and propose and implement effective solutions for management. He is able to deliver high impact training and development seminars and workshops for individuals and groups that ensure organizations achieve their full potential in today’s highly competitive industries.
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Paul Charles


MA University of Stellenbosch Business School SA

Paul Charles is a Certified Ethics Officer who believes that Character supersedes competence in Leadership. As a Social Entrepreneur, he has developed the course: “Resilient Wealth Creation: Creating Multi-Generational Wealth,” The “I am Called” Series and designed the Resilient Learning Course for High School Learners. Recently, he passed his exams to qualify as a Business Rescue Practitioner, something that he has been doing as a paradigm-shifting business analyst and strategist. As a Retention specialist, he has created a personalised system that automatically creates Leads, keeps clients loyal, prevent customers from changing loyalties, and reduce cancellations in the Insurance space. Paul is a Certified Transformation Coach, Certified NLP Practitioner, Resilience Coach, Resilient Learning Coach, and Resilient Wealth Creation Coach. His academic achievements can be summarised as Modern Academic Impressionism. Besides being a prolific author of more than 20 books in various fields, he was a Pastor for 16 years before embracing the Call to make in difference outside the fence of religious restrictions. He is Certified Prepare-Enrich Facilitator (USA) and a Marriage Resilience Coach who has designed his own course for certifying Resilient Marriage Coaches. He has helped thousands of marriages and has helped restore equilibrium in many homes. Currently, he is the Co-founder and CEO of Resilience Coaching International. He is a sought-after key note speaker noted for his practical presentations with undeniable effect. Paul is a Life-long Learner and Epitome of Resilience whose story is captured in the book: "The Wheelbarrow Kid." Can one person be all of this? Yes, but only if he is a multi-potentialite, which Paul Charles is! .
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Dr. Oliver Massmann


Master of Law, Certified Financial Accountant & Auditor Ruhruniversitaet Bochum Germany, St.Thomas University Florida USA

Dr. Oliver Massman is an International Attorney at Law and a Certified Financial Accountant and Auditor with a Ph.D. in International Business Law from the European Global School in Paris. He has an experience of more than 20 years as Commercial Lawyer, served as the Board Member of German Business Association (GBA), Adjunct Professor at the Foreign Trade University of Vietnam and the only foreign lawyer as Member to the Supervisory Board of PetroVietnam Insurance Corporation. His expertise lies in commercial and legal framework of the World Trade Organisation (WTO), Compliance Training according to SEC Rules, Advising on turnkey renewable energy projects, International Taxation, International legal and commercial expertise, Investment funds, commercial negotiation, legal advice. Dr. Oliver is an awarded LEADING LAWYER, .
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